Amerigon has entered into a purchase agreement with shareholders to acquire a majority voting share of W.E.T. Automotive Systems (W.E.T.), a publicly-traded German company located in Odelzhausen, Germany. The acquisition brings together the complementary business strengths of each company and will allow for improved customer responsiveness and product development.

Convective Comfort
Convective Comfort Advantages

Amerigon's technology uses convective temperature control, as opposed to a conductive-based heater mat used in conventional heated seats. Quiet, efficient blowers are used to push conditioned warm or cool air to the surface of the seat. Our customer satisfaction tests show that customers prefer Amerigon's convective-type seat system, and the technical data shows why:

  • Better temperature coverage
  • Moisture reduction

Using a high tech humidity and temperature sensing mat on the seat back surface, an occupant sat for 10 minutes in the seat, in a controlled room-temperature setting, before a measurement was taken. The Amerigon CCS™ system in heat mode is then compared to the same seat with a conventional "heater mat" installed.

Traditional Heater Mat vs Amerigon Convective Heater

Using the same seat, Amerigon's CCS in cool mode is compared to the same seat with no cooling feature. Again, this test was conducted at room temperature: warm, interior vehicle temperatures would highlight an even greater variance between the two.

Occupied Seat Without CCS vs Amerigon Cooled Seat

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